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GOP Governor Exposes His Children to Chickenpox – Internet Explodes

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin had a neighbor whose children contracted chickenpox. Like every parent in America used to do just a couple of decades ago, Bevin took his own nine children over to play with, wrestle, hug and share some drinking straws with the infected kids.

The internet exploded upon this information being made public. Is Governor Bevin guilty of child abuse? Is he a stupid, knuckle-dragging hillbilly who deserves to have his kids taken away by Child Protective Services?

Surprisingly, many people are saying “Yes” to those questions – and even many conservative outlets are lambasting the Governor.

Before everyone calls me an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist who’s been smoking weed all day with Alex Jones, could we all take a breath for just a second and have an adult conversation about vaccines?

For the record, I’m not totally anti-vaccine. If you’re an adult traveling to a Third World hellhole (like San Francisco), I think you should definitely get your shots ahead of time, for your own good. However, I am staunchly anti-government-forced vaccines on children – always have been, always will be.

Somehow, all 9 of Governor Bevin’s children survived their exposure to chickenpox. This is despite pro-vaxxer conservative websites like the Victory Girls Blog which accused him of exposing his kids to a “deadly childhood disease.”

Come on. Chickenpox? Do Americans even know what vaccines are?

They inject the chickenpox virus into a child! If Bevin is guilty of “child abuse” as the Victory Girls claim, then every parent who has their children vaccinated is guilty of the same thing.

The mortality rate from chickenpox is 0.003% among all people. Hardly anyone dies from chickenpox, especially in the United States. Everyone in the country used to do exactly what Bevin just did.

He made sure his kids were exposed to the virus when they were young, because older adults who catch it tend to have a rougher experience with chickenpox.

And contrary to popular propaganda, some people do enjoy lifetime immunity from chickenpox and shingles when they catch it as children.

It’s too bad that Bevin didn’t use his microphone to talk more about why he chose not to vaccinate his children. After all, Kentucky is a state with mandatory, government-forced vaccines required for all children before they start kindergarten.

What most people don’t realize, because the media and the pro-vaccine crowd desperately want you to not know it, is this: Vaccines are made from aborted babies.

Chickenpox, rubella (the ‘R’ in the mandatory MMR vaccine), hepatitis A and even the rabies vaccine are all created using culture cells from aborted babies.

A total of 24 vaccine strains are made this way. No ever talks about that fact, despite it being the number one reason why religious conservatives opt out of vaccines.

All of the shiny, happy propaganda in the world can’t make it sound quite as sexy when people realize that they’re injecting their children with dead baby parts.

The vaccine industry goes out of its way to suppress this information. We live in a culture where we have warning labels on hair dryers that tell us, “Do Not Use While Sleeping,” but American consumers are denied informed consent when it comes to the vaccines we are required by law to inject into our children.

But, but, but – vaccines save lives! Yes, they do. No one is disputing that.

The fact that babies lost their lives in the womb to create those very same vaccines makes them a non-starter for many pro-life individuals, such as Gov. Matt Bevin.

At the same time, many people are harmed by vaccines. The taxpayer-funded National Vaccine Injury Compensation (NVIC) Fund has paid out more than $150 million every year since 2010 to families that have had children and teens catastrophically injured, crippled or killed by vaccines. In 2019, the fund has already paid out more than $100 million to vaccine victims – and it’s only April.

But, but, but – it’s the law! Sure it is.

And the fact that individuals from the pro-life governor of Kentucky to the liberal pro-vaxxing founder of Microsoft (Bill Gates) choose to not follow the law proves that it is an unjust, illegitimate law.

If a law is passed tomorrow that we should all report our neighbors to the government if they look Jewish, would you follow it?

Gov. Bevins should be applauded for exposing his kids to chickenpox. It’s too bad that more politicians don’t believe that individual conscience applies to health care decisions for families.

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  1. John Bailey says

    Do I think his kids should be taken away? No but it is reckless and you are dead wrong about vaccines.

    1. Barbara Charis says

      Your information is coming directly from Big Pharma who pays doctors rewards for all their patients, who are given vaccines. I have read many books from doctors who are not into vaccines. I doubt if you knew the end results of injecting aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, viruses, aborted baby fetal cellls, animal cells, and more into the body, you would think twice about this very toxic procedure. Our Creator made humans with six layers of skin to prevent contaminaion of the bloodstream…then a needle bypasses all these layers and puts toxic ingredients directly into the bloodstream. Big Pharma makes billions while they have no liability for those who are injured by vaccines. The Vaccine Injury Law of 1986 put the liability on the taxpayers, because the vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop producing vaccines…they were getting hit with too many lawsuits because of children who were being harmed. There is very little published about the vaccine injured and dead children. I am the oldest of 5 – and we had all the childhood diseases without any side effects, which has given us life long immunity. The government needs to stop overstepping its boundaries. It has no right to take away parent’s rights, because it thinks it knows better (particularly, when it has been monetarily influenced by Big Pharma).

    2. Brenda says

      I agree with that author & anyone who has studied the issue would agree. The only people who just says the author is “dead wrong” has no information to back up such a statement. They have been fed (& believe) the bull hockey being forced on an ignorant population.

  2. J T says

    What he did used to be common practice you fucking nimrods and there’s not a damn thing wrong with it.

    1. NANCY CARVER says

      let my kids over ight at a friends we were visiting had a daughter who broke out with chickenpox.
      They lived next door so rather thenhave chickenpox later, we got it all done at one time.

  3. Madeleine says

    My siblings got chicken pox and measles as children, but no me, but a an adult I got shingles and now have asthma. I wish I had got them as children. Its not reckless, just plain common sense. It strengthens the Immune system and later in life may save your life. Vaccines change every year and big pharma are greedy money makers. Rather focus on Bayer and Monsanto. One kills you with GMO , the other “Saves” you with their chemo drugs which kill you anyway. Money is the root of all evil, or rather the love of money. A lot of medicines on the market are killing people. Natural is best. My Mom got the flu vaccine and within a year died, she never recovered from the side effects. I took my Dad off artificial things Doctors love dishing out, and he lived till he was 92.

    1. Rodger Shull says

      I,am 69 yrs old and born 1950 and I have had the strain of measles ( GERMAN MEASLES) my brother and I both at the same time he is 3 yrs younger, and it has effected our eyes, we were not immunized , and we both have had chicken pox, my brother more than me, I was the carrier of that virus, again we were not immunized, reason why, there was none, I have had the shingles once now and I have got immunized against another attack I was immunized against polio never got it, and all of my children , have been immunized and grand children, and they are fine. I would immunize if I had to do it all over again. And GOD BLESS

  4. Cabin 1954 says

    Excellent article. I did not realize that vaccines were created by using dead babies until just recently. Although I have read articles disputing that fact. The louder they yell and the more they deny this is true, the more it proves true. Never believe what they say, always believe what they do, especially what they do “in the dark of night!” Like you, I am not totally an anti-vaxxer because you are so right when it comes to going to ‘sh– hole’ places and protecting oneself. Of course, my answer is, just do not go!!! Now having said that, when vaccines first came out I do not think they were made this way. Satanic evil has come into almost every facet of our lives.

  5. Lillian Bannon says

    I say good for him. It should be the parents decision whether or not their children are vaccinated. I never received any vaccines when I was growing up, because my mother did not believe in them. (it was not a law at the time – thank goodness). Yes, I had the measles, chickenpox and mumps. I survived all of them and am now 85 years old. My granddaughter had a seizure on her 2nd birthday within a couple of hours of having a vaccination. She was life-flighted to a hospital and went through all kinds of awful procedures. THE GOVERNMENT AND PEOPLE should mind their own business and let parents make decisions for their children. For the nitwits that say this man should have his children removed from him should have their children removed from them.

    1. pat says

      There are dangers but as Roger Shull stated but in our day it was what you did to get it over with. I was born in 51 I am 68. Had the German measles as well mother put me in my bedroom for 5 days with blankets over the windows to keep me from going blind at the time thought it was stupid I was in the second grade. But she also deliberately let me play with the kid next door who had chicken pox she was disappointed I didn’t get them even though they were thinking of closing our school because it was epidemic there. Then she saw me scratching and saw blood on my forehead when she looked gee I had 2 scabbed areas that WAS my chicken pox and I was typhoid mary

    2. John Decker says

      Given the situation, the pro-vax complainer should have his children taken from him and made into vaccines. It’s called “Put your money where your mouth is”.

  6. Rita says

    Our entire family, as well as most neighbors, had chickenpox as children. It may be a bit uncomfortable for a few days, but we all eight survived the childhood disease. On the otherhand, my youngest grandsons have now been injected with a booster shot of the vaccine. I had no idea the vaccines were made from aborted baby parts — that breaks my heart!

  7. Carol Cowan says

    Exposue to many of the mild childhood diseases helps build a stronger immunity system in the human body. Civilizations have been destroyed by diseases to which they had no exposure. A strong immune system=a long healthy life. Our past generation currently passing in their late 80’s to late 90’s show this. None had childhood or flu vaccines. A few are necessary due to the severity of the disease: diptheria, polio, tuberculosis, smallpox & German measles. All else should be optional. It is a scientific fact that viruses mutate & bacteria develop different strains. Insects develop immunity to our pesticides but they do not have any vaccines!

  8. Jerry says

    I ha Measles mumps and chicken pox as a child.
    if you are a legislator responsible for my child havingto be vaccinated and he develops any of these frightful conditions, you die.

  9. vera says

    I stand with him, if my kids where still in school or little I would NOT get them vaccinated, to many kids are having side affect from these vaccines

  10. KenB says

    My parents exposed me to chicken pox measles amd mumps when I was little over 60 years ago. It once was a common practice to build your immune system. Apparently we have a bunch of wussies raising kids today. Get over it not such a terrible thing.

    1. Jeannette Solinsky says

      So true!

  11. Maxine Albritton says

    no, unfortunately he is right on target. Do your research. Also using modified live virus;s in the vaccines which have two or three diseases in them at that time, more than any immune system is asked to handle, the doctors may give two or three of these vaccines at the same day at one time. They do the same with dogs. I told my veterarian this and he laughed at me. Than the next time I visited his office he told me he got a Yorkie pup in he could not save. The reason it was dying. It had just been to another vet and was vaccinated and on the way home the owner had to find another vet to try to save it. It reacted badly and reactions are usually quick.

  12. Albert Bryson says

    I was born in the 50’s. At the time there was no vaccination against chickenpox. I caught it in 1957. I missed a whole month of school. Our family doctor was my great uncle who practice that children should be exposed to childhood diseases. So my younger brother sleep in the same room as I did. He did caught the chicken pox from me. Unfortunately when he caught the mumps in 1960 we were still sleepin in the same room and did not caught the mumps, but I was exposed to gain immunity to the mumps.

  13. Lorraine E Blazich says

    During my generation everyone had chicken pox without any adverse side effects. My daughter had chickenpox and didn’t experience any problems. All of a sudden our corrupt government and their comrades in Big Pharma which controls the entire brain washing LYING media is pushing for Everyone to receive immunization shots. Why? Watch the DVD “Vaxxed” to learn what happens to many people when the receive the toxic shots. Also has anyone noticed which states are having major chicken pox out breaks? They are the states where most of the illegal aliens have migrated to. Now isn’t that strange?

  14. Richard McClure says

    I remember when the only Vaccine we had was for Polio!! Now we have a Vaccine for a lot of Virus’s but are they worth it when Later in Life an individual contracts the Virus and it become a Matter of life and death because the Vaccine no longer protects them like having the having actual disease in Childhood does.

  15. Bob says

    I believe that both the author of this article, and States that require universal mandatory vaccination for almost everything, are both correct, and wrong. It’s not as simple as parents choice vs that of the state, nor whither an objection to aborted fetus cells being used for production of vaccines justifies not having a child vaccinated due to the possibility of adverse reaction, injury, or death. and it can’t just be about religious freedom!

    Damn, that was a mouthful! Anyway, to say the least it’s a complicated subject involving many factors. For instance, vaccine effectiveness, and length of immunity (live vs modified live virus, vs killed virus), and risk of allergic reaction (duck embryo vs fetal cell culture vaccine), and the danger of each individual disease weighed against the possibility of an individual child having a adverse reaction, long-term complications, or death.

    Then you also have to consider how that all stacks up against the entire populations need for herd immunity, to protect against epidemic, or worse pandemic outbreak. And without vaccination, what’s the child’s potential for death, or permanent injury \ disability; i.e. encephalitis, or other nephropathy, paralysis, blindness, deafness, mental retardation, etc… I’ll refer to that collectively as Morbidity & Mortality Rate (M&MR=%\1000)! That’s an awful lot for the State legislature to consider, much less an individual set of parents!

    Should parents be forced to immunize their children? Seems to me, it should depend upon, at the very least, the disease; i.e. chicken-pox? (M&MR=~3\1000) so maybe not; … Mumps? (M&MR=14) well, that’s fairly high; small-pox, or polio? (50-300\1000 & < 900\1000 respectively) you bet your sweet arse they should get immunized!

    The odds of a child or adult dying from disease vs immunization? Case-by-case & disease-by-disease, I guess! But then, this ain't poker, it's more like Russian roulette! If you're wrong, no do-overs!

    Should an individual parents religious rights be able to over-ride the rights of a society to be provided herd immunity protection provided by mass immunizations against diseases with an almost 100% mortality rate? Personally, I say NO, but only God knows for sure …

    But … I'm reminded of the joke about the priest left adrift after his ship sank. He turned down several offers for help from other passing vessels, and after his death, he asked St Peter why God didn't save him. And St Peter reminded him that God had sent a sail boat, a steamer, and a tanker to rescue him, but that he'd refused each time. St. Peter asked "What were you waiting for?"

    And though it is a factor for the pharmaceutical companies, I didn't even mention the manufacturing cost considerations. So, as I said, complicated.

  16. claudia schulte says

    its sad people harm their children exposing them to chicken pox later your child will suffer shingles a serious illness

    1. Brenda says

      Claudia, you are wrong about that. Exposing them to chicken pox does not mean they “will” get shingles. Some do & some don’t. Just as will those who get the vaccines – some will & some won’t.

  17. madmemere says

    More blather, bluster and BS from big pharma and the vaxi pushers – -I had ALL the childhood diseases as a kid, as I recall, all before the age of 10; we didn’t have vaccines back then, other than smallpox so I really don’t know how I could possibly have lived to reach the age of 81 AND in good health!

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