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US-Mexico Border Descends into Total Chaos as Congress Fiddles

After more than two years of arm wrestling with Congress, the Trump administration is finally starting to build the wall on the southern border. And yes, this time there are actually “new wall” sections being built, not just more fencing repairs.

But is it too little, too late?

America has effectively lost control of our southern border with Mexico. We’re on pace to allow 1.5 million illegal aliens into the country this year, by utilizing the semantic trick of calling them “refugees.”

Meanwhile, 65% of Republicans believe deporting illegals should be the number one priority of the federal government in 2019. Unfortunately, the courts have made that goal next to impossible.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sent a six-page letter to every Member of Congress this past week about the border crisis. “We face a system-wide meltdown,” she told the Members.

Nielsen warns Congress that she’ll be sending them an emergency request for additional funding, because the Border Patrol is currently overwhelmed by the influx of illegals.

The Border Patrol captured 4,100 illegals on March 26. They’re on pace to catch 100,000 by the end of March. The previous one-month record high was 68,800, back in 2014.

Frustrated by the lack of support by Congress, the Border Patrol has simply been turning families of illegals loose at the nearest bus stop. There are no beds to house them.

In El Paso right now, the Border Patrol has a massive horde or illegals penned underneath a freeway overpass (for the shade). There are no beds for them, not enough Port-a-potties, not enough food.

As we’ve reported numerous times previously, illegals are bringing measles and other communicable diseases with them.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) saw the pictures of the illegals in El Paso and immediately blamed “white nationalism.”

The policy of Omar and the rest of her party is to simply let all of the illegals in, no questions asked. It seems odd that so many non-whites are clamoring to get into our racist country, doesn’t it?

On the Mexico side of the border, the situation is in total chaos as well. Residents in Miguel Aleman, just a few hundred feet from the US border, the Cartel del Noreste and the Gulf Cartel are battling for control of the drug smuggling corridor for the region.

They blasted each other with grenade launchers, IEDs, incendiary devices and automatic weapons on Tuesday, as the locals ducked inside their gun-free homes in terror. The nearby Mexican army base hid behind its walls and watched.

The cartels carried most of the bodies away, so it’s unclear which side won the latest skirmish. It definitely wasn’t the army.

Mexico’s government says that another caravan of illegals is forming in Honduras and preparing to make the march north to America. But this time, they’re calling it the “mother of all caravans.”

It already has 20,000 people in it – more than twice the number of any previous departing caravan. And of course, it will pick up additional numbers as it walks and rides across Mexico.

Remember the previous caravan of 8,000 from Honduras that marched to the border? The one that the media said was “fictional?”

Mexico offered all of them asylum and help in securing jobs. No one took them up on the offer. Just like the migrants flooding into Europe and hoping to make it to Great Britain or Germany, Honduran “migrants” know where the bigger welfare checks are. Milton Friedman had it right when he said that a nation can have free immigration or a welfare state – but it can’t have both.

The American people have made our preference perfectly clear. Good grief, we elected Donald Trump as president!

He was the only candidate who promised the voters that he would secure the border. It’s been nothing but a back-alley brawl since he entered the Oval Office.

They’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink at him to try to prevent America from controlling the flow of immigrants into our country.

The American people are stuck between a rock and a hard place on this issue. We have one party that wants the illegals for their votes and another that wants the illegals for the cheap labor.

Is anyone besides Trump going to take our side and work to save America?

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

To learn how you can use to drive visitors to your content or add this service to your site, please contact us at

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  1. John DiMarco says

    Maybe it is time for American citizens to go to the border and help. Like they helped that cattle rancher When Harry Reid harassed and seized his cattle.

    1. I Stand With President Trump says

      Sounds good to me. This is getting out of hand.

      The Demonuts should be Embarrassed and Ashamed. I know I’ll be sending ALL of them e-mails.
      ALL the Demonuts want are their Votes. Then they can roll over and die as far as they are concerned .

      I made a suggestion to move Military Bases to the Border Wall. Then between our Military and Agents , it would be covered Better.

      Keep up the good work , trying to keep America safe. Get the Rest of the Wall up Now.!!!


      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        I Stand with Trump: Trump already knows he’ll lose in 2020. I expect he won’t run. Not one inch of new wall has been built under Trump (all repairs) and I don’t expect any to be built during the 22 months left of his term. Meanwhile, all the Republicans want is your vote. Example, Fox News: Hannity and Laura scaring you conservatives sheet-less by constantly running propaganda of what the country will look like if Dems win. All false propaganda. Not a shred of truth in it.

        1. Philip says

          I think he’ll run! He loves this country! If he loses, we lose the entire country.
          What worries me is the ultimate result! I sense an explosion not unlike South Carolina in 1862. The decent people in this country will only take so much! The slavery problem was bad but doesn’t stand up to what is being thrown at the sensible people in this country.
          I’m 13 years away from my 100th birthday and I’m a combat veteran with lots of ammunition, good eyesight, food supply and an extremly large family that I will protect to my final breath.
          These idiots have no idea what they’re up against.
          Hopefully, someone will step up and save the day, but don’t count on it!!!!
          God help us!

        2. Bob says

          That’s a lie! The President is building NEW wall as you flap your lying gums! I think he’ll run. If he’s able. But, for all lack of thanks, and lack of real support he’s received from the BS RINO’s on the right, and all the BS resistance he gets from the “do nothing” (that makes sense) left, I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t!

          I just hope he does. And I hope this breeds a new generation of would-be politicians (such a vile word, makes me want to gag), who are more statesman than politician. Some folks who will put the country first, and their own self-interest second, because it’s needed, and it’s right for the country. I hope!

          Because, I dare say, that this nation will not survive without a revitalization of the concept of American’s for America first!

    2. Sharon Jeanguenat says

      Better yet, we should all go to D.C. & frog march ALL of the traitors out of Congress. There HAS to be a legal way that we the people can kick all of the traitors out. But, I also agree with your idea too.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Sharon: There’s not one traitor in Congress. There’s obviously a lot of people you disagree with, but that’s mere politics. None of them are traitors, and they can’t be frog-marched out of Congress. Vote out the ones you disagree with.

    3. William Hatton says

      If this old man goes down..I’m going LOCKED & LOADED!!

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        William: Which old man are you talking about? Whoever it is, you are NOT going locked and loaded. Get that crazy idea out of your head, no matter how much you want to go LOCKED & LOADED!!

    4. Andre C Stephenson says

      John: It depends on what your “help” would look like. Thousands of women with children could desperately use your help at the border.

      1. Bob says

        It appears that you are a brainwashed fool still! Peddling your half-baked leftist lies. Those “thousands of women with children” you refer to, could have easily found sanctuary in Mexico, it was offered. But they don’t want to be in Mexico, they want to be in America!

        We have better welfare! More freebie’s!

        The rest of the lefts rhetoric, is window dressing, cause they want open borders … and more power … PERIOD!

      2. Bob says

        Ok, I’m stumped … After reading some of your other posts further down, perhaps you’re not so brainwashed, nor a fool. Some of what you say comes off as if from the left camp, and other comments are perfectly reasonable. Where exactly do you stand? With the do-nothing Democraps, or with our President?

  2. Noe Rodriguez says

    I’m a concerned Tejano, I agree with most US Citizen. All these undocumented , illegals should be deported when captured. I used to leave at the boarder of Eagle Pass, Tx. And I remember as a kid when boarder patrol would do that. Laws used to be enforced. Congress needs to let them do their job. That’s why I left that town too many non us citizens hired instead of locals.

    1. Bob says

      Thank You Neo, for telling this brainwashed fool the truth. He, and the rest of the liberals, need to wake up and “get it”, while we still have a country!

      I’m all for immigration … legal immigration. And I applaud those who go through the arduous process, of coming here the proper, legal, way. I applaud the skills they bring, and their willingness to work hard, and learn English, and about our history, and government.

      I congratulate them for passing a citizenship test, that many Americans might have a hard time passing, and for taking a oath to our United States, that many Americans should probably have to take, based upon their speech and actions! I’m on board with all of that!

      But illegals, are not immigrants, they are illegals. And I have much less sympathy for folks who break our laws in coming here, and then with child in tow, scam our laws, and system to stay. It’s not only wrong, it is an insult to all those who came here legally!

      America is a sovereign nation, and is entitled to have secure borders … PERIOD!

      Again, Thanks, Neo

  3. john Brown says

    Place 50 cal machine gun nest every 100 feet and give the order shoot to kill it you try to cross !!Sound bad BUT THE DUMBOCRATS HAVE SAT IN THEIR A$$ AND DONE NOTHING TO PROTECT THE BORDER<TIME TO TAKE ACTION!!

    1. DrSkippy1 says

      Copy that. Put up a tower every 400 yards and man them with Texas rednecks with 270s. Problem will be solved in a week.

      1. Joanna says

        I agree, sadly, that the only answer is shoot the invaders. We won’t have to feed, house, etc. them, and you can bet the caravans will dry up like dust in the desert.

        1. Andre C Stephenson says

          Joanna: We don’t have to feed, house, etc them. We don’t.

      2. Andre Domby says

        The idea is, unfortunately, may be the only solution!
        But before we do that, I suggest we CLEAN OUR OWN HOUSE!


        SO LETS USE IT!!!!!!!!!



        1. Andre C Stephenson says

          Andre Domby: In a thread full of loony ideas, yours is the looniest. Get off your high horse and stop talking about killing hundreds of congressmen! You are batshit-crazy. It’s not gonna happen. Especially lunatic is that your RWNJ fever-dream has morphed from a fantasy to a command. You really think you’ve come up with the ONLY solution. Not gonna happen. You are loony-tunes!

      3. Andre C Stephenson says

        DrSkippy: Oh goody, the problem will be solved in a week. If we can get an idiot like you in Congress to pass it. But wait! There aren’t any idiots like you in the Congress!

    2. Don DeHoff says

      John, the great majority of those illegals are young brainwashed people who believe they are welcome here. It is those unidentified “others”, who are funding, brainwashing and physically enabling those brainwashed people, who should be taken to court, fined and maybe placed in front of a public firing squad If we followed your way of solving the problem, we would have the rest of the world at our doorstep. You have clearly demonstrated you should not be allowed to even touch a gun—and, I am a 50 year-plus, life member of the NRA. Also, I note you have several “followers”. You all are either extremely ignorant of the facts or are paid “trolls” assigned to take our focus off of then real problem.

      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        Don: And having public firing squads would not put the world at our doorstep? The U.S. would be pilloried!

    3. William Hatton says


      1. Andre C Stephenson says

        William: John Brown is an idiot! Are you an idiot too?

    4. Andre C Stephenson says

      John: It’s time to take action, but your 50-cal machine-gun nest idea is totally bonkers. There are women with children crossing that border. They present themselves to border guards and ask for asylum. Are you going to kill all of them? Of course not! Think through your comments. Otherwise you come off as an idiot. For now, you are a bloomin’ idiot!

    5. Bob says

      I sent a scalding letter to the 12 Republicans who voted with the Demorats to squash President Trump’s Emergency Declaration. I’ve gotten several reply’s so far, all canned BS letters. But I’m stayin’ after them, demanding that they fix the immigration laws, to fix the problem. Anyway, the law\policy changes I called for included:

      – Border crossing points, barriers, and the borders themselves, should be exempt from being considered “US soil” (*) for immigrants, and illegals seeking admittance to the US. Such persons should be considered to be “on US soil” only after having been properly processed, adjudicated, and released into the country by proper authority.
      – Catch and Release MUST end! No person, who is awaiting an immigration hearing should be allowed to do so inside the US, unless judged to be in imminent danger at the time of processing. Detain or return them, with a speedy review (i.e. 3-days).
      – Anchor babies need to be eliminated! If persons come here on vacation, or to work, while pregnant, they and the child, born during their visit, should remain citizens of the mother’s country of origin, and must return to that country at the appropriate time.
      – Deny birther-baby \ anchor-baby or requests for sanctuary status to illegals who try to, or sneak into the US. No rewards for illegal actions.
      – Unaccompanied children, and persons arriving at the border with children, should not be allowed to set foot on US soil (*) until processed, vetted, and adjudicated.
      – Asylum Requests must be vetted prior to requesters being allowed into the country. These Persons may wait in detention (on a space available basis), or in the last safe country they passed through to come here. Persons coming through half of South America and Mexico, or Canada to get here, who then request asylum are liars, and should be rejected immediately, and not allowed to enter the US.
      – Law enforcement personnel, immigration officials, and\or mobilized military personnel on our borders, should be allowed to turn illegals away, and use reasonable force (including rubber bullets, bean-bag loads, tasers, etc., as deemed appropriate to the situation \ individual) to discourage and deter illegals climbing over \ under fences \ barriers, or resisting capture, from setting foot on “US soil” (*).
      – It should be a felony to have illegally crossed our borders, punishable by deportation.
      – Repeat Offenders should be judged permanent Undesirables. Third offence results in repeat offender status, no further hearings required! Immediate detention\deportation!
      – Persons desiring to immigrate should be vetted, have needed skills, and be able to support themselves. Neither Immigrants, nor especially illegals, should be entitled to any subsidies derived from US taxpayers.
      – Annual limits for legal immigration, should be reduced by the number of illegals and others (catch and release, etc.) We should decide how many persons enter annually.
      – Enforce e-verify nationwide, and implement harsh penalties for knowingly violating it.
      – Make jurisdictions who provide sanctuary to illegals, or fail to comply with ICE hold-requests subject to forfeiture of all subsequent Federal funds from date of violation(s).
      – Other nations who organize, or aid persons or groups to illegally enter the US, should be subject to forfeiture of all subsequent US funds \ aid from date of violation(s).
      – Allow for the President to implement a limited border closure at such time(s) they should deem necessary in a crisis. A limited closure would prevent immigrants and illegals from being granted entry, but could allow trade goods crossings, thus preserving international commerce.

      Every concerned American should send them a letter or email, as I did, and demand that they support the President, and the country, by fixing our broken immigration laws, and allow common sense policies to protect our borders! These 12 strays are:

      Lamar Alexander (TN), Mike Lee (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Rand Paul (KY), Mitt Romney (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Jerry Moran (KS), Pat Toomey (PA), Roy Blunt (MO), Roger Wicker (MS) and Rob Portman (OH)

  4. Cabin 1954 says

    These caravans are not, have not ever been and will not ever be happening as a group of people just getting together to invade America. The New World Order supporters as in Soros, the International Banking Cartel, Pelosi, Schumer, the Bildeberg organization, mafia, CAIR and so many others are being paid to support these caravans. Those who are making up the caravans are being paid very well to do so. Everyone in the caravan may not being paid but I assure you the leaders are being paid very well. I know this because every volunteer organization in the world pays it leaders handsomely to ‘help the poor.’ This is all being done to bring about the Cloward & Piven theory in order to bring America to her knees. Sadly far to many Americans support this. Sadly far to many other Americans have neither the stamina or spine to stop it. Sadly still until we shoot-to-kill, nothing will happen. Americans have become soft, lazy and spineless.

    1. Bill says

      I agree. It’s amazing that these caravans started up with Trump in office. It’s obvious that it’s all part of the anti-Trumpers attacks. I’m sure that those organizing these caravans would be tied to the Democratic Party’s cronies. There the only ones to benefit with the crossings. That’s motive to gain illegal voters. That’s why they have been ignoring the Safety and Security of of America by not cooperating to secure our Southern Boarder. Securing the Boarder will cut there voting numbers down. That’s why the Democrat candidates for decades made the promise to secure it then ignored doing it. That promise was a cash cow where each elected candidate in office always got millions/billions approved to secure the Boarder that only a very small percentage went towards it for show and the majority of the funds went to your guess is as good as mine.

    2. Don DeHoff says

      Cabin & Bill, well said!

    3. Arlie says

      Agree. George Soros must be getting fearful that he might leave this earth before he had destroyed America to the point he could take over. Money is the root of all types of evil and in the hands of the Globalists, people will end up dying to save our freedoms. Socialism has historically been a cruel master. Listening to the people who want socialism, this one may be worse than others. We would do well to remember that Socialism is the forced control of every aspect of the individual’s life, money, property, beliefs, freedom. Obedience or death. Our Children will have to experience this if we don’t stop it.

    4. Andre C Stephenson says

      Cabin: “I assure you that the leaders (of the caravans) are well paid.” You said it, but you can’t assure us of anything. It’s just pure speculation from the mind of an idiot. Every thing you say is suspect, just pure speculation presented as fact. And it’s not fact; you can’t assure us of anything. Meanwhile, I especially liked the way you linked the Bildeberg organization, the Mafia and CAIR as allies in a New World Order. It’s a nice touch. A lunatic touch. Finally, there will be no shooting!

    5. Bob says

      You are correct sir! I read up on that, and nothing AOC or Sanders are calling for is new. Just an old idea re-packaged! Good catch!

  5. Tiredofantiamericans says

    I believe it’s time for volunteers who are not afraid to protect our borders at any cost to stand up to the Dimwitocrats.

    1. I Stand With President Trump says

      I agree. If the Democrats are the problem ( and they are ) then WE need to do something. If they are that spineless, they Need to go and Go Now!!

      IF something isn’t done soon it will be too Late. OK guys and Gals , any suggestions ?


    2. Andre C Stephenson says

      Tired: You do realize that you and your volunteers need to stand up to the Dimwitocrats IN Washington, not at the border?

  6. Mamabear says

    Send our Marines to the southern border with instructions to protect our
    citizens. Drones with tasers on board, a tent city on the boarder on the Mexico side. Stop making it so comfortable for these people. Put them to work harvesting produce, feed them bread and water instead of steak. I have heard they are living in trailers that are luxury compared to where they are coming from. Cut them off from food stamps if they do get in; no welfare, no free college, no FREE medical care, FREE cell phones, FREE utilities paid, FREE nothing. If they are not gaining by coming here they won’t come. Stop giving, supporting them…….. on us.

    1. Bevie says

      You are so right in all that you said , they are living better then most Americans and I got one do not like it . They are taking OUR MONEY , that we worked for and giving it to these aliens , the ones who are letting this happen are the ones who’s pockets the money should be coming out of . I think their paychecks should go for taking care of the ones who are here. I also say to re write the rule that if they come with a child they are automatically let in , THAT IS RIDICULOUS. STOP THEM NOW

    2. I Stand With President Trump says

      One of the Biggest Problems is…They hear about in-fighting between Demonuts & Republicans. So , they are taking advantage. They have heard that they will be turned loose in the USA. They get FREE everything. While we have American citizens doing without.
      They get treated better than Most American Citizens.
      I feel for them. But instead of Coming Here. Go back and Take the Demonuts with you and Fight to make your Country better. Don’t come here and ruin ours!

      I can see a Civil war coming on. 🙁
      Thanks to the Socialist Demonuts



    3. Andre C Stephenson says

      MamaBear: No Marines are going to the border. Not gonna happen. You can’t feed them bread and water instead of steak; they buy their own food. What silly ideas you have for dealing with illegals.

      1. Bob says

        Ok ACS, there you go again, just when I was beginning to think that perhaps you were ok! So if his, and everyone else’s ideas are so silly … what’s YOUR solution to the crisis?

        All I’ve heard you do, is knock everyone else’s idea’s! What you got?

        You tell us how they \ we should fix this mess! Come-on, lets hear it!

  7. FedUp says

    We have total chaos at the border. I say shut it down until the WALLS are built. Anyone who votes for these Demoncrats needs to be sent to Mexico. STOP LETTING THEM IN. No welfare of any kind. Most do not want to become Americans & assimilate. They want this to become a third world country like they came from.

  8. Tom Curry says

    I don’t understand these bleeding heart citizens that think these illegals should be allowed in for they are breaking the law and we have laws for a reason and these laws are not made to be cruel for a country without the rule of law is going to fail to exist and it is showing us just that for, crime and lawlessness has become the norm in our country!!!! The police are completely disrespected the courts are no longer respected and the rule of law and our constitution is no longer respected!!! These bleeding heart citizens have no common sense until tragedy hit them then there screaming where were the police which they themselves made useless in protecting the public, for these bleeding hearts really have no clue about human nature and what a world would be like without law and order and that when you allow undesirable people into your country that have no love for your country or your traditions or our laws or for who you are and are only here to get whatever they can for free you can bet they are going to come in droves to take whatever they can get for this is the true nature of the human race and that is just the facts!!!! We the people of this country just have to look all across the world on what is happening for in every country crime has grown out of control and it is because of illegals entering into their country for laws do not matter to these illegals for they only get a slap on the wrist or deported just to do it all over again for most of these people come from third world countries were laws are not respected at all and crime is an everyday occurrence!!!! The only countries that for the most part have no illegals coming into their country are the Russians, the Chinese, and others that will never allow crime to take hold in their country and that will never allow radicalism into their country and you can bet that they will be the only countries that will survive because of their love for their country and their traditions and their history, they might not be a country that one would want to live but they are countries that uphold their laws and their way of life!!! I think there are a lot of people that are looking for an etopia and that just doesn’t exist for the only etopia comes in the afterlife if you are lucky enough get to heaven!!!! Let us face it people we all have to uphold our laws our constitution, traditions, and our way of life, and uphold our freedoms and rights at all costs or we will lose this country forever and become a third world country without freedom and rights!!!!

  9. Deborah says

    Maybe it’s time to arrest the Democrats and put all who interfere with this emergency border situation in jail. The Dems wanted a border wall before President Trump won the election and they are just doing this
    so they’ll have enough illegal immigrants voting and then they will say he didn’t come through with the border promise and they can win since cheating is the only way they can get elected! And if that happens, we will be a country just like Venezuela with their socialism and then their one world order ! Remember nothing is free – someone has to pay for it ! Money doesn’t grow on trees!

    1. I Stand With President Trump says

      You are right.
      We Need to Do Something and Soon…before it’s too late !

      The Demonuts want to make us a Socialist country.
      I keep telling them to take Their money and go to another Country and Ruin it .

      I need to take a Break from this . It has me Extremely upset. I Might have to Sue the Demonuts for Pain and Suffering !!


  10. Bevie says

    You are so right in all that you said , they are living better then most Americans and I got one do not like it . They are taking OUR MONEY , that we worked for and giving it to these aliens , the ones who are letting this happen are the ones who’s pockets the money should be coming out of . I think their paychecks should go for taking care of the ones who are here. I also say to re write the rule that if they come with a child they are automatically let in , THAT IS RIDICULOUS. STOP THEM NOW

  11. Don says

    Illegal should not be allowed into the USA when they get to the border crossings. The US is not responsible for the care and welfare of illegal immigrants. The companies that hire illegals should be fined and the welcome mat should be withdrawn immediately and permanently. No amnesty for illegals that violate our laws by coming into our country by illegal means.

  12. Clifton says

    They cross shoot to kill order like there doing to law bidding Americans out east like new Jersey they will cut and run this is the only way they will not come if there going to die at our border if we don’t you might as well just let them come.

  13. I Stand With President Trump says

    You are right.
    We Need to Do Something and Soon…before it’s too late !

    The Demonuts want to make us a Socialist country.
    I keep telling them to take Their money and go to another Country and Ruin it .

    I need to take a Break from this . It has me Extremely upset. I Might have to Sue the Demonuts for Pain and Suffering !!


    1. I Stand With President Trump says

      Sorry for some reason this , Posted twice.

      I think my computer is upset also. 🙁

  14. Beverly Tomasik says

    All across America people should be informed to come to the border at a given location and date and bring reinforcement to stop this flow of illegal persons into this country. If the democrats won’t do their job, vote them out and do everything possible to stop them from stopping the American people of doing their right to save and protect our country. This is OUR COUNTRY and if they won’t stop this, then we the people will form a revolution and stop it ourselves!!

  15. Robert says

    It just might be time for Trump to realize he is there for all the people, and over 60% do not want the wall and additionally about half have no problem with the illegals, just the White’s who think white should be the only color allowed to have anything in the USA.
    Mexico has no right according to international law to mess with the caravans on their way to seek asylum in another country they are by international law guaranteed free passage.

    1. Hurley Combs says

      Funny how you are wrong on so many cases. A poll was sent out through email that I was a part of and it turns out that 98% do want the wall. Also from what I see the problem is that these people are breaking the law to come to our country and for most of these that you say claim asylum do not even show up for their court dates as soon as they are released into our country. Also, according to international law an asylum seeker does not get to choose which country they seek asylum from so based on that Mexico can actually keep them from entering the country, where they would then need to seek asylum in order to enter and even head towards the US border but as soon as they do they are breaking international law as they have to take the first country that offers them asylum (just like the caravan of 8,000 I would like to note). It would be nice to have some facts before spouting something.

    2. John Piesyk says

      Sounds like robert is using bad data or he is a moron.

  16. Robert Parker says

    Stop them at the Border.Send them back.Disease carrying people.Let the Clinton’s pay for them with the Clinton Foundation money.

  17. Proud American Here says

    Robert , what planet are you on with the facts, re: 60 percent of Americans don’t want the wall. The polls show 60 to 70 percent of taxpaying Americans do want a Border Wall for basic security and as the first step in security measures. Then there’s all the welfare freeloaders and left wing Dems who would support it even if it means millions if illegals expect and will receive benefits that were meant for legal Americans in need of assistance.

    This situation is a dam mess, it’s dishonoring every military veteran that actually ever served in a war and fought for freedom. The pride was fighting to protect America and now elite and rich assholes, socialists , left wingers, and most of the Democratic Party members want open borders.
    Whose supposed to pay for the results…. the American Taxpayer? Illegals bring crime, diseases, violence , unemployment, they don’t pay taxes, maxing out : welfare system, housing, Social Security, education, Medicare, and several other benefit programs. A 10 years study shows that 70 percent of illegals will remain on benefits the rest of their life and 50 percent legal of legal I’m igrants from Mexico and South America stay on welfare benefits!

    What the hell is America doing, we already have enough lazy individuals living off the system while the hard working middle class is barely making ends meet! The rich politicians don’t give a shit, they even get 100 percent paid health insurance for the rest of their lives! Trump supporters need to help our President, he has a thankless job, can you even imagine what he has to experience to be our President! Write every Politician, start a picket line, write news paper articles, donate to Crenshaw’s Border Wall Fund, and tell every anti-American communist to go F…. Off! I wear a MEGA Hat and I dare some mouthy whimp to try and take it off! Proud American here!

  18. Richard Magnano says

    Why is the Border Patrol given the order to allow the Caravans entrance in the first place? These INVASIONS are funded by someone. Isn’t it the responsibility of the Government to find out? This is a WAR on the sovereignty of America and must be stopped ASAP. If this is allowed to continue NO country in the world will be safe from any invasion of this type. It’s like if anyone comes knocking on my door they have the right to come in and I have to feed and give them a place to sleep? That’s just another one of those ABSURD Democratic/Socialist ideas from the BUG EYED crowd from beyond.

  19. John Vieira says

    Thank a democrat/rino for what is and what may well be. No border = NO COUNTRY!!! Is the enemy within becoming evident to even the most dense???

  20. Joe says

    Dont sti0 anyone, ket them all in and let see what Pelosi, Shumer , and rest of their dem gang will do about this mess, after all these gods want to be are the ones that want these to happen, well let them deal with the shit.

  21. Joe says

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  22. 4Pip says

    Our Pres is here for our people not Mexico’s citizens and he should do what it takes to stop this nightmare that has been created by the Left. Those on the Left want America to fail but they also want other votes from anybody. This is all so unAmerican and it’s sad when our people that are taking pay from those on this side are actually working for others that should not be here at all. If we are a truly Soverign nation we shouldn’t listen to the UN or the Left as they don’t want to do what is the right thing. Send everybody back if they even stick a toe over here that is what our people want our gov’t to do,so listen to the Americans and not the Left.

  23. Alfreda Benson says

    I personally am sick and tired of people who do nothing but hinder this country….DEMONUTS. We need to send troops to the border ASAP and keep these illegals out. Some of them are criminals for sure. If I had land and lived on border I would have to shoot them if they crossed. Our schools are filled with people who do not speak English, our hospitals have illegals who are having babies. Our system will collapse if nothing is done to stop them. My parents came here legally. Are we the only country that is plain stupid. It is time we stand up and fight.

  24. Lorraine E Blazich says

    hillary’s good buddy, george soros, has to be very proud of the number illegal aliens he has enabled to invade our country. President Trump should respond to the invasion of illegal aliens who have been allowed into our country for the purpose of voting “early and often” for democrats with an Executive Order. An Executive Order is urgently needed which requires picture voter ID’s in order to vote; no mail in ballots which can be discarded if they don’t vote for democrats; no more george soros voting machines; paper ballots only so that rigged voting machines can’t be used; illegal aliens and felons forbidden to vote; all votes for our best and bravest soldiers have to be counted; strict over view and audit of votes tallied by computers; and no harassment at polling places allowed. It is time to clean up the democrat corruption which has always been big part of elections. Plus the democrat’s plan to change the system of counting electoral votes to popular votes should not be allowed.

  25. porterv says

    Use Napalm. Why not. We go all over the world and kill men women and children. These people are invading our country.

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  32. Sharon says

    John Brown I have said the same thing when all of this started and they would not turn around and go home. They are killing Americans the minute they sneak in. One man in Alabama was molesting children. He was caught. Bond was set but he will not be turned loose until ICE comes after him.

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  39. James says

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  40. Rodger Shull says

    Well with all of these want ta be invades waiting for a chance to invade, and all of the UNCLEAN people and this is a PLACE RIPE for a MAJOR DISEASE to sent in an kill off a few 1000. And they brought in all appon them selves . If they had any smarts and education, they would know the rules. But they just think they can just barge right in and get a welfare check. Maybe they should try BIRTH CONTROL, maybe learn the language of the country they want to invade 1st. STAY THERE we have all ready to many mexcian restaurants .

  41. Jerry says

    The immigrants are mnot the problem, the problem is the same as it has always been
    The liberaldem bloodsuckers .
    These scum are trying to destroy the USA time to start taking liberal dem bloodsuckers out.

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  44. Andre C Stephenson says

    You are wrong, Politics and News. Not one inch of new wall has been built since Trump took office. Not an inch. Only repairs. You’ve got wrong information. Meanwhile, I don’t expect an inch of new wall to be built during the Trump term, which will end in 2021.

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