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What If Trump Just Ignored Judges Like Obama Did?

An Obama-appointed judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has just ruled against President Trump’s new asylum policy for fake refugees from Mexico, Central America and South America.

The president’s new policy would require that phony “migrants” who request asylum in the US must remain in Mexico while their claims – which are inevitably found to be invalid – are processed.

This, of course, is a sensible alternative to turning the illegals loose in America and asking them to pretty please show up for a future court date, thus allowing them to vanish into the interior of the US.

Once again, a president trying uphold the mandate under which he was elected by simply following the black letter of established law is thwarted by a lone unelected judge.

What if Trump just threw up his hands in frustration tomorrow and began treating court orders the same way that Barack Obama did?

A federal judge ruled that Barack Obama’s Deferred Action on (Wildly Fake) Childhood Arrivals, otherwise known as DACA, was illegal. The judge ordered the Obama administration to stop handing out three-year amnesty cards to these illegal aliens.

Obama responded by ordering the US Customs and Immigration System (USCIS) to continue printing and handing out three-year amnesty cards to DACA signups – but this time, without telling anyone. The Obama standard: It’s not a violation of a court order if you don’t tell anyone you’re doing it!

These were the “cream of the crop” DACA recipients as well – illegal aliens with existing deportation orders against them. They were supposed to be kicked out of the country under current federal law, because they had been convicted of crimes on US soil (aside from the crime of illegal entry).

Judge Andrew Hanen was infuriated when he learned that the Obama administration had directly defied a court order.

He directed USCIS to immediately attempt to collect all of the three-year amnesty cards from Obama’s DACA “dreamers.” Not surprisingly, almost all of the illegal aliens refused to return their three-year “get out of deportation free” cards.

Barack Obama directly violated federal law by granting temporary amnesty to his illegal alien criminals who were under deportation orders.

When he got caught, his administration violated a court order and continued granting amnesty cards. As a result… nothing happened.

There was no penalty. No one paid a fine. No federal immigration bureaucrat was fired. Obama wasn’t impeached for having a corrupt character that led him to violate federal law.

Following that debacle, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that both Obama’s Deferred Action on the Parents of (Wildly Fake) Americans and DACA were unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has never overruled that decision.

Yet the DACA and DAPA recipients are all still here. None of them have been deported, despite the fact that they signed up for these federal programs and therefore, the government knows exactly who they are and where they are.

They’re not “in the shadows.” But they’re still on US soil despite the black letter of the law and despite a court order ruling their amnesty programs unconstitutional.

Barack Obama wanted to do something illegal, and he did it – and there was no consequence for it. To his credit, he had a lot of experience doing just that.

When Democrat strategists realized that the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was going to hurt Obama’s reelection chances in 2012, Obama singlehandedly rewrote the law.

He granted large employers an extension until after his reelection was secured.

When Congress realized that Obamacare applied to them and their own staff members (oops), Obama held secret meetings for three months with Republican and Democrat leaders in House and Senate to grant them their now-infamous “exemption” from Obamacare – an exemption that was never written into the law.

What if President Trump began ignoring court orders tomorrow, as Obama did so many times throughout his administration?

What if the State Department stopped issuing visas to immigrants from countries that are hotbeds of Islamic terrorism?

What if the US simply began turning all of the fake “refugees” from Honduras and El Salvador loose on the Mexico side of the border?

Oh, that’s right. Trump would need to be impeached for violating a court order. Because it’s somehow different when a Republican does it.

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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

To learn how you can use to drive visitors to your content or add this service to your site, please contact us at

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  1. Kilndried says

    Not sure what constitution says. But it would seem that the president would have more authority than any judge less than supreme court and not sure it wouldn’t be more than them

    1. william couch says

      He does.

      1. John the Deplorable says

        Yes he does he needs to get the DOJ for treason and hang them all that are committing the crime of treason. That is what I would do he has that right remember they swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. And none of them are keeping that oath. Time for them all to pay the price.

        1. Louise says

          Should be consequences they should all be in jail I just don’t understand how democrats get away with such lawlessness!
          They are a disgrace to the country! Obama is evil and they are
          continuing his agenda!

        2. George says

          How can any politician make, and keep, an oath? They say anything to get elected, and then? Obama is going down in history as the most corrupt president in the history of this great Nation. Now look at the things that the Democrats are doing to keep the truth from getting out! Thank God for Judicial Watch!

          1. Bob says

            I’ll 2nd that Amen!

        3. Larryherring says

          I’ve been telling my son 4 months , Trump should do the same as Obama did. When a Judge told Obama he couldn’t do something , bommy would say screw U & do it anyway

      2. notsoquicktojudge says

        If the costitution says its ok, Mr. President go for it. We the deplorables got your back. America first.

        1. Fred LeMaster says

          Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Notsoquicktojudge, AMEN,SEMPER FI, HOO-RAH, MAGA, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2020 MAGA, TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP 2020 MAGA SEMPER FI HOO-RAH 2020 MAGA MAGA…………….

      3. william says

        He doesn’t! The house makes law, the senate afirms laws and the president signs them into law! The president does not have the power to make law, he can make executive orders but they are not law!!! And the President must obey the laws of the United States!!! The courts interperate the laws and make orders about how they are applied!!!

      4. Wildmann says

        Trump should tell the judges to Ram it up their Azzes! Just like Ubangi/Swahili Obama did! Dems. always get a Free Pass! If the Judges Buck, and issue arrest warrants Trump should have the Military Arrest the God Damned Judges! He’s the Commander In Chief after all!

    2. Tyler says

      He does, he has the authority by Executive Order to put a hold on all court orders until the Supreme Court overrides him or Congress successfully veto’s him. The Constitution states that the President has authority over foreign policy, immigration policy, military policy and of course veto powers. Congress also passed the bills that enable any sitting president to declare National Emergencies to redirect funds and resources to handle major situations. He also has the authority to protect our borders with military force if necessary. The president has alot of authority but is also at the mercy of politics.

      1. william says

        I believe you are wrong! President Trump made several executive orders that were blocked by the lower courts! They were only able to block those orders because President Trump is a Law abiding man! Obama just broke the law and got away with it!!! Eve the constitution says the President must obey the LAW!!!

        1. Bob says

          The only way to make this right, is for Obama to be arrested, and jailed for his past failure to obey federal court order(s). Now that he’s a civilian, he whould be indicted, tried, and if convicted, sentenced jut like any other citizen of this country would be for the same crime(s).

          Same for Hillary, and any of the other swamp dwellers! It is way past time!

          That is the ONLY way to ever restore the peoples confidence in the rule of law, and equal justice under that law!

    3. Debra Baxter says

      YES!!! This obstruction has to STOP!!!

    4. Tiredofantiamericans says

      Well, it is specifically noted that the President IS the Supreme Chief Justice of the United States. Thus, the POTUS decision, following Federal Law and enforcing it to the letter is, in fact, within the boundaries of the Constitution and law is above the decision of the Supreme Court Justice. It also must be voted and decided by more than one SCJ, it must be unanimous by all to override the Presidential order, and must be deemed Unconstitutional unanimously!

      1. william says

        Following Federal law and enforcing an executive order are two different things! An Executive order is not law!!!

        1. Bob says

          Neither is a judges “ruling”! Nobody elected these leftist judges, who seem to “Make law” all the time! That practice needs to be brought to a halt! I didn’t vote for any of those hight and mighty judges, did you?

    5. william says

      The president is not above the law, so no matter what Judge made an order the president must obey the law or it is grounds for impeachment!!!

    6. mach37 says

      What Federal Law says:
      8 U.S. Code Sec 1182 (f) – gives the president authority to ban immigration by Proclamation.
      “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

      Does just any federal judge have the authority to deny the president his authority to make proclamations under this law? Several judges – the first was one in Hawaii – have filed injunctions against President Trump in violation of his presidential authority under this law. I don’t see why the President doesn’t just ignore these illegal injunctions, and in fact suspend or impeach any judge who oversteps his office to prevent the president from using his legal authority.

  2. Jeffrey Cahoon says

    Two wrongs do not make a right, so it should follow that, it’s tit for tat. or what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! OK, that’s enough. Yes, it is time for Trump to ignore the 9th circuit court, because they are idiots and obstructionists! If this is what it takes to do the right thing (because obuma did it), then break the law! The influx of these immigrants MUST BE STOPPED, we have no more room! Our country is starting to look like Mexico City!!

  3. Kenneth E says

    I believe it’s time to have the military arrest all the treasonous deep state perps and send them to Gitmo. If they delay this operation, we’re going to lose our nation. The time is NOW! This would include the owner’s of the fake news outlets!

  4. Jerry says

    We know at this point , We can no longercoexist with the liberal dem bloodsuclking parasites. There is only one answer to dealing with them, talk and votes aren’t it..

  5. Jerry ZOPP says

    What did Andy Jackson do? Do you think a President who is the Commander in Chief of the strongest Army on earth, should be stumbled by a Wuss judge appointed by a fake, exchange student, imposter President? Satan is laughing at us.

  6. jim hunt says

    Do as Andrew Jackson did when the courts ruled against him,I read he told them OK you won,now lets see you enforce your ruling,what is the court going to do,they have no authority to arrest,fine or do anything,when Eric Holder was called before congress to testify ,he refused,they held him in contempt,but nothing else happened,because bitching,moaning and groaning is all they can do,and they will do that anyway.

  7. James says

    I like all these suggestions but how do we get Republicans to go along

  8. WJH says

    We no longer need presidential elections. Just appoint a judge for a 4 yr term. Then, rotate to the next judge. Obviously, the judge now runs the country and issues national edicts. I am waiting for a judge to cancel the Bill of Rights.

  9. Chuck Adkins says

    Obama got by with any and all violations of the law while he served as president because the liberal news completely ignored whatever he did. You could hear the crickets in the background. But there is so much hatred against Trump, not because he deserves it, but because he defeated the darling female favorite that could not possibly lose to a real nonpolitical candidate [but nobody told that to Trump] who campaigned in areas that she ignored as if they did not matter [until the votes were tallied]. So, the media is still upset about the loss to a non-political figure who out-smarted all the pundits. That is what really ticks them off. So they need to investigate and irritate Trump constantly to keep him off balance. Chuck Adkins

    1. Bob says

      He did, you right, true, true, that’s right, true, you are correct SIR!

  10. P. B. says

    It seems to me that I would give a shit what the court said, I would just continue to do what I am suppose to do, Uphold thee Constitution of the United States. That is not a violation then, he must do that more than anything else. If Osama can do it and get away with it and the DIMWIT party had anything to say about it, then I would throw it right back in their faces that they went along with Osama breaking the law so they are just as guilty, and then I would tell them if they want to continue to pursue it, then I am going after them and Osama for breaking the laws and let the supreme court decide their fate. It is getting time to paly fire against fire and then bite their filthy corrupt heads off for good and put them all in their place once and for all. Set a precedence that if you break the laws of the land, no matter who you are, you go to prison for 10 years at hard labor, and the DIMWITS and Clinton and Osama would be the first to go, that will shut them all the hell up.

  11. Original Anna says

    Why should an unelected judge have authority over the elected President when it comes to the military’s responsibility to protect our borders from anything really, according to the Constitution and the Constitution does not give border responsibility to judges. Isn’t that the really only responsibility of the military, to protect our citizens from those outside our borders according to the Constitution. We really aren’t supposed to be using our military protecting other countries borders. And the President as Commander in Chief is the boss of the military and should be ordering the military to our borders. The military is also responsible for building defenses as necessary for border protection and pay for it with their budget. So what is the problem and hesitation.

  12. Neal Boyer says

    Wahhhh,!! I dnt think its food thats making her tummy groww!!|tiitaBoo|

  13. Bill Beveridge says

    When a country as wonderful as ours, will put a person in office that’s is as repulsive as Hilary, Pelosi, OAC and you would expect anything less than the criminal judges that are in the 9th district court, then your crazy also. It’s time to make the Democrat Party walk the straight and narrow. CLEAR THE SWAMPS.

  14. Bob says

    I know why articles like this never show up in publications like the NY Times, or Washington Post, etc, or on any of the MS media news programs on MSNBC, or CNN.

    Problem is, they really need too! If the average Demodumb in this country was told these facts, perhaps they would start to see how their elected pukes have been hoodwinking them all these years!

    How on earth, do we force the lefty media to tell the truth, the whole truth, and not just THEIR cherry-picked, warped, and slanted truth?

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