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Let the Punishment of the Russian Collusion Conspirators Begin

The mainstream media is now “tripling down” on the Russian collusion conspiracy theory. Special Counsel Robert Mueller surprised everyone by completely exonerating President Trump and the Trump campaign of any wrongdoing in the 2016 election.

There was no collusion. There was no conspiracy. And because there was no collusion and no crime to begin with, there could not have been any obstruction of justice.

Case closed – unless you’re the mainstream media or an elected Democrat who has spent the last two years lying to the American people.

If you’re a collusion truther, the story has suddenly become: Was Robert Mueller working for Putin all along? Is Mueller part of a sinister white nationalist plot to keep Trump in power? Shouldn’t Congress impeach Trump just to be on the safe side? These people are nuts.

Some on the political right are now demanding apologies from the media and Democrats in power for lying to America. No thanks. That’s not good enough.

CNN, MSNBC and elected Democrats have been accusing the President of the United States of betraying his country for the past two years. They’ve accused him of treason – a crime punishable by death.

Former intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance regaled CNN’s viewers with tales of how Trump had committed treason, and people who commit treason end up getting hanged “just like Benedict Arnold.” This was a wildly stupid and reckless claim – and not just because Benedict Arnold died in his bed at age 60, long after he had committed treason against the United States. (But that’s CNN for you.)

If you falsely accuse someone of rape, armed robbery or being a cocaine dealer, you can go to prison for making those false charges. The collusion truthers falsely accused Donald Trump of treason, which is to say that they were calling for him to be executed.

That’s how much they hate him and hate you if you voted for him. They want him dead. What should be the punishment for people who falsely accused the president of a death-penalty crime?

An apology wouldn’t begin to remedy the seriousness of the charge that the collusion truthers leveled at President Trump.

Many of the people on television, including a certain former CIA Director who now works for MSNBC, deserve to be jailed for their false accusations of treason against the United States.

They can keep their apologies. We want justice!

The viewers are already starting to punish the fake news media for lying to them for years. CNN’s already miniscule audience has collapsed by another 30% since the Mueller report was released.

The audience for CNN had already sunk to historic lows, with reruns of celebrity cooking shows and SpongeBob Squarepants frequently drawing more viewers than CNN’s primetime Russian collusion lineup.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC has been the queen of Russian collusion fantasies. Her nightly fairytales about Russian collusion have been a ratings bonanza for MSNBC, which used to have viewership numbers that are… well, the same as CNN has right now.

MSNBC was a terrible, distant third in the cable news race until the Russian collusion story was invented. Maddow rode this false story for all it was worth, and it paid off for her. Her audience size came close to matching Tucker Carlson’s on Fox News a few times.

When the Mueller report was announced, Maddow actually cried on air. She was holding back tears as she informed her viewers that no indictments for Russian collusion would be happening.

She’s probably crying even more this week, after her audience size suddenly shrank by 20% overnight. People don’t like being lied to.

And there is even more good news to report, now that the Russian collusion nightmare has finally been lifted from America’s shoulders. Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has announced that he’ll be making criminal referrals against FBI agents and DOJ officials who participated in this attempted coup. Go get ‘em!

Nunes has maintained all along that the FBI began surveilling candidate Donald Trump in December of 2015 – not in July of 2016 as the real colluders have claimed.

There’s an incredible implication in those dates.

Why would the FBI be spying on only Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016? He wasn’t the GOP nominee at that point.

Prediction: Before the dust settles, we will learn that the Obama administration was spying on all 16 GOP candidates from the beginning of the race.

They only zeroed in on Trump in July of 2016, because he had emerged as the sole nominee. This scandal is about to get much bigger than anyone expected.

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  1. David F. Podesta says

    What goes around comes around. I hope everyone involved gets what’s coming to them.

    1. Richard Soucy says

      Mad maxine waters should lead the list because she has been so full of vitriol and hate. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she is pulled before the tribunal.

      1. Michael Dennewitz says

        But the strange thing is: Since ALL POLITICIANS are crooked, and they ALL cover each others asses, NOT A DAMNED ONE OF THEM WILL EVER BE PROSECUTED! Mark my words! 😣😠😡

        1. Marty says

          Have to agree with ya!! Bummers!

        2. Sharon says

          I’m afraid your right Sir. So sad for the American ppl

          1. JB says

            I hope this will not be true in the long run. I believe Tribunals were set up for this very thing.

        3. Doug Rodrigues says

          I agree with your assessment. Even lying Hillary will never be prosecuted.

          1. Andre C Stephenson says

            JB: There will be no tribunals.

      2. Hugh G. says

        Oh, she’ll claim racial bias, white privilege, and a host of other racial buzz words to muddy the already clouded swamp waters as she continues her hate speech. Would love to see her put under the same microscope she placed the president under. What about her tax returns; her involvements, does she actually live in the same area she supposedly represents?? Investigate her with the same amount detail. Usually it’s the guilty dog which barks the loudest!

        1. Andre C Stephenson says

          Hugh: I’ve never heard one word of hate speech from Hillary. She hates Trump, but that’s patriotic. We all hate him, or will hate him eventually. I love your twisted dog metaphor: it is so untrue!

      3. michael duece says

        hang-em they are just democrats after all not like they are real people

        1. Andre C Stephenson says

          Michael: There are thousands of Democrats living around you. Some may be your friends, relatives, neighbors, church members. Thousands of them. Do you want to hang all of them? Of course, not. Think your comments through. Otherwise you come off as an idiot!

      4. Jayne Cox says

        You and a million others!
        She is one sick piece of excrement!
        I never in my lifetime had the feeling of wanting to hurt another individual, but I have found myself doubling up my fist and using the same expression Jackie Gleason used, POW, to the moon, Maxine, you sick bastard!

        1. John says

          Vladimir Trump is nothing but a piece of shit liar. Feed the pig another cheese burger. The red faced baboon racist Bastard.

          1. Joe says

            The truth hurts, doesn’t it, John so just go cry in your misery.

          2. Carey F Daly says

            To: “John Says”, Why is it that you Anti-Trump posters always resort to foul rhetoric? Needless to say, it doesn’t add to your misguided narrative.

            Your not-so-cute references are obviously intended to show how clever (NOT)you are and your grammar indicates your intellectual level. – Sad

          3. I Stand With President Trump says

            John is just another sick jealous Demonut. Can’t handle the Truth. LOL Just wait for 2020. Then he can whine even more !!!!

            PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

          4. Lee Long says

            Shut up you only have two brain cells to rub together make heat

          5. Bill says

            Suffering that ass burn again. You liberal shits are all alike. Hope you enjoy watching your socialist friends in Washington sweat.

          6. Jerry says

            If you were in Russia you would be picked up for your stupid Putin comment, oh wait you liberals want socialism so that reaction may not be too far off, just because you didn’t get what you wanted from Mueller, you get your panties in a wad, be ready because I do see indictments coming down the way for a bunch of democrats, most likely shortly before early voting begins for the 2020 elections, thus wiping out any chance for Democrats to win, Trump will be president for anothe 6 years, with the house and Senate all republican ruled

          7. gibsg00 says

            Good little commie.

          8. Kep says


          9. Blondie says

            Hey Johnny Boy! We all want to read the list of lies from Trump, that you have gathered.

            Ignorant people like yourself can only speak garbage, with NO facts. Do your homework tonight & post the list of lies ASAP.

            At the same time, please list all REAL lies from Bummer boy, all his RACIST evil acts against all Americans & his continuous program to destroy America.

            Hopefully, you go down with him. There isn’t a single things that could be more gratifying than seeing the Bummer boy punished for every single thing he has done & is still doing against America.

            Johnny Boy, we are waiting to read your list.

      5. Jack says

        Waters has stored more racial hate in this country! It’s clear that the people in her district are both ignorant and free everything speakers who vote for trash who really are traitors to keep the free shyt coming in !

        1. Blondie says

          Trump is going to gather all of those colluder’s tax returns & OMG, the shit will hit the fan.

          We are likely to see some SUICIDES from those who barked the loudest. They have no where to hide & this will be their only way out. Too bad for all of them. Such hatred for Trump, my mind has not been able to process. The man has done nothing but great things for our America & has been totally honest throughout all the hell. I fully support him all the way.

      6. Andre C Stephenson says

        Richard: There will be no tribunal. You’ll have to wait till eternity to see the look on Maxine’s face.

    2. Felipe says

      It’s not fast enough for me?

    3. jw says

      The one thing that get’s me is by the time they come to hang a few of them they I’ll be dead and buried like traitor John, such as Waterfall mouth Maxine , Nancy , Finklestein , Schmucker , plus a few others!!!!!

    4. Tiredofantiamericans says

      Karma is such a condescending bitch!
      You are correct! What goes around, comes around. And their “idea” to eliminate Trump is coming back to bite them.

      1. Jayne Cox says

        If you haven’t listened to X22, and followed Q you wouldn’t know how things are really heating up.
        You can see Q’s pubs by accessing it on, then each night Dave from X22 has a report all but one day. They all come from a WH source, and in the year we have been following, have been accurate to the letter.
        We have a lot more peace.
        Try it!

    5. I Stand With President Trump says

      I Agree. The Demonuts have gotten away with too uch. Now it’s time to give them what the deserve ! All of the strating with Obummer , Killery & her ugg hubby and the rest of the group.

      So tired of justice being ,ONE Way!



      1. bob says

        i will second that

    6. Vino Mody says

      Finally, hope like heck the promise to investigate the anti-Trump people in DOJ and Dem is carried out all the way to judgment by court, and quickly. The time to act begins. This would be a real test of how strong the republicans and the new DOJ mgmt are. They cannot leave President on his own on this matter. They need to come forward and play the ball.

    7. JIMO says


    8. Jesse45 says

      Truly those that convicted our president even before the investigation was complete owe him, his family and the American people an apology. That he has been cleared has only fanned the flames of pure hatred. Now these “news” agencies are throwing fuel on the fire and our elected SERVANTS are running around with matches in their hand to set fire to the nation. They and the other but not exclusive to Tlaib, Cortez, Omar and others, as well as those involved in false FISA warrant, Steele dossier, CIA, ordering surveillance beginning in 2015 need to be investigated, charged, and if found guilty, incarcerated with the utmost rapidity and utmost penalties. This was not just an attack on our president, but on our inherent right to a FAIR and legal election process and crimes committed against the CITIZENS of this country.

      1. Bill says

        You are correct. And the 2020 election will be even more corrupt. The Dems have been using the last two years to build up their voting roles with illegals and dead people.

    9. Nick says

      Obama. Should be hanged by the balls (if he has any)!

    10. Doug Rodrigues says

      Considering all of the lying, the vilification, the manufacturing of false rumors, the harassment of Trump, the harassment of his family, it would be accurate to brand the Democrat Socialist Party as the Party of dishonesty, subversion, and EVIL.

    11. Charlotte Bice says

      Amen to that! It will be about time…..

    12. Rick Ashton says

      I hope you are right. I have been reading about all the misdeeds of the Dems for two years and there is nothing happening. They walk. No one in the Republican Party has the guts to stand up and pursue these criminals. They consistently support the status quo and don’t care about their constituents.

    13. ron says

      the democrats need to repay the American people the cost of that phony witch hunt in full. That investigation was nothing but a devious plan to ruin our president in any way the democrats could

    14. Silvereagle2599 says

      AGREE ! We the silent majority do not want to hear talk talk talk of investigating these Democrats, Mueller gang fake news misfits and all the corrupt deep state colluders that tried to OVERTHROW OUR GREAT PRESIDENT AND OUR GOVENMENT. Take action now and start calling ALL OF THESE anti USA people in to Hearings live before the AMERICAN people. And that includes any and all Democrat Senator/ Congressman/woman we the people were subjected to their rantings and ravings against our POTUS Donald Trump.
      Mueller did not call any from the OBAMA/Hillary administration. WHY??? We the people DEMAND immediate action now and no TALK of action.

      1. Blondie says

        This is America & still the greatest country in this world, but, the only way it appears the American people are going to be heard, is go to the streets just like certain groups of people do with their FAKE BS agenda’s. It is a disgrace that this will have to happen before those criminals will be prosecuted for their evil deeds. Otherwise, it won’t ever happen.

        I feel the sorry, rotten, evil Mueller should be prosecuted along with the criminals, because, he has never mentioned investigating anything Obama, Hillery, Holder & others have done against America, knowingly. It has always been a full blown cover up for real political criminals.

        After a while, great people have to do something to stop these evil beings, if it means a Revolution. I see that coming & not in a far off distance. The coals are already smoldering. People are betrayed & see no punishment for the criminals.

    15. Pepito Avila says

      What is the DOJ waiting? Start rounding up this morons, prosecute and jail. This incident must not be repeated to
      other future presidents. Our political system is really bad more than third world countries. The only difference is no one is salvage yet (killed).

  2. Dan says

    It’s time to parade these people infront of Congress under oath and see which one tries to save his own neck. There’s no honor among these criminals, they’ll be throwing each other under the bus and the confirmation of truth will come out. I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes all the way to the top involving Valerie Jarret and Barack Hussein Obama….

    1. Kenneth Allen says

      I agree 100% Dan good comment and points!

    2. H.M. Martinson says

      I agree with you Dan, but the only problem, these people have no fear of lying “under oath”. They obviously have lied under oath when they gave testimony before Congress, the FBI and others. They are treated differently from what would happen to the ordinary American, like you and me.

      1. judy says

        It’s the same with illegal aliens. If you don’t have an ID to vote just go sign up as an illegal alien. If you need free hospital care just come in as an illegal alien. If you commit a crime and rob the bank no jail time for you if you’re in illegal alien but if you’re an American you pay a fine go to jail.

    3. Morris says

      You know that Jarret And Hussien directed this witch hunt.

    4. I Stand With President Trump says

      I agree Dan. I hope like Hell they ALL get what they deserve. It makes everyone angry when Demonuts get by with everything.
      Start sending e-mails and faxes about Prosecuting ALL of them ! I’ve been doing it already . We have stayed quiet way too long.
      I also sent faxes and e-mails to the 12 RINOS that voted against the Wall. Told them , they are on their way out !!


      1. Linda says

        Yes. The Rino also needs to be held accountable

    5. Bill says

      The problem with your comment is that Democrats don’t care about an oath. The will lie under oath just as easy as they lie on a daily basis.

  3. Abimanu Mathoorasing says

    You are entirely right, atonement for their wrongdoings is out.
    As the Senator from California stated, it is time to act against all those, who
    spread fake news about the president-to-be before being elected
    I would enjoy the expression on the face of Madhow should the referrals against the wrongdoers
    start flowing like the lava from an earthquake.

    1. Linda says

      Yes. I don’t watch cnn fake news but they do need to answer. If no one watched $$$$ would show them how we are fed up with their crap

  4. Sherry L Chase says

    Lockum up and start with Killary and obo and go from there! Adam, comey, nancy ect and George Soros too….. Corruption Runs Deep. Need to Drain the Swamp now. Repeal the Muslims can run in America’s government act. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Big Ed says

    Do the investigation, as Nunez asked. But keep the rope handy, because in my view there really was treason, it just wasn’t committed by our president. And, if I were running the show the first thing I would do is take Obama’s passport, because I see him as a flight risk (you might want to grab Hillary’s passport, as well). Then, line them up and take them down.

    1. Ed says

      Who is going to do that? Rosenstein? My hopes are that Barr is a “cut above” the rest of the swamp dwellers and will do the right thing. We shall see!

    2. GEORGE Freitag says

      Big Ed
      I’m with you I hope there all going to get what they deserve for what they put our president through especially the Obummers Clintons get them for being traitors to our country and the 4 lives lost in Benghazzi. and also that SCUMBAG SOROS who was behind all of this.

      1. I Stand With President Trump says

        George ,
        I totally agree. They Have to get Soro’s along with the rest of the slime.

        Definitely , pull ALL passports of those involved. They will run , IF they haven’t already.

        PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

        1. Andre C Stephenson says

          Jayne: Maxine Waters had every reason to get emotional and call for “getting in the faces” of Trump officials. What she said was strictly in regard to Trump separating children from their parents and putting the kids in cages. What mother wouldn’t get emotional about that? Do you have children? Would you like a president that removes your children from you, and then loses them? That’s what Maxine was emotional about, and ONLY that!

  6. Henry says

    Just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Wait until the Inspector General’s report and the other DOJ investigative report comes out. All 3 will match up and the real criminals will be exposed; Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Struck, Ohr, Loretta Lynch, Obama, Hillary, Jarret, the folks who bleached bit her servers, the Clinton Foundation; and that’s just the short list!

  7. John u says

    Why don’t they tell of how Islam is taking over our country through the Democratic Party ! And paying huge payments to whatever they want changed. They are the major stock holders of all the news channels, why did they pull out Judge Jenni? And no one talks about it!

    1. Anita says

      Something is going wrong with the fox channels when we have Donna on the show fighting with Hannity. The Democratic party will ruin that show!!!We REALLY missed you Judge Jenine!!!So many of my friends said they turned to a different channel.

      1. Carey F Daly says

        OAN is a GREAT alternative. Fox is bending to advertiser boycotts, just as Soros had intended.

  8. Jeff says

    Take um all. Everyone um lied. When your done with them go for the networks. Media is the true enemy of our country. Shut down the border until thay can figure out how to fix it. 2020 Trump landslide

  9. H MAN says

    There’s also street justice.

  10. TF says

    Let’s not forget the news media collaborators in this criminal activity, several of them were willing accomplices in the false news agenda that was used. Intentionally False news stories were used as evidence to get FISA warrants to spy on their opposition, that’s (Watergate x 10) Nixon was an amateur compared to these people, and Obama installed them all in positions it power to do his dirty work. The treasonous activity in the last two years used by them may have even been influential in the house going back to Democrats last election which affects policy that has hurt all Americans, no punishment can be severe enough for those traitors a far as I’m concerned.


    start spying on the people who spied on The Trumpster… I’d start with the person who is least involved in this treasonous act.. then go up the line one after another until the real culprit Barick H (head) Ovomit is sitting on the top of the most wanted heap…watch him sweat as the lessor evil doers start casting truths showing Odipshit’s involvement.. Every circus has a ring leader… I’m sure Ohatefull will get his due.. just try to find him ( like the other snakes that go into hiding).. he probably has a gold lined cave in Iran waithing…

    1. Bill says

      No,he and “Michael” will return to his real home in Kenya!

      1. Becky says


  12. Morton Friedman says

    Last night, on Hannity, Rush Limbaugh FINALLY mentioned that the trail of perpetraitors (not a typo) will probably lead right into the Obama WH. Unfortunately I do not have ‘standing’ as I have been saying that on various blogs since the inception of this farce of an investigation. Brennan, Comey, Lynch, et al, could not, nor would not, have acted without approval / direction. Consider the FISA court, all are appointees. Are they so incompetent that they would not have seen through the submissions?

    There are too old adages that apply. Cherchez la femme, and follow the money. Consider Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, and a $60M advance for a memoir.

  13. John says

    There’s a difference between “Freedom of Speech” and pure hatred for a political opponent, that the so called “news media” is trying to claim. CNN, MSNBC, and some of the others should be cleaned out of these vultures trying to overthrow the government and spread their communist doctrine in the United States of America!

  14. David Harris says

    Keep the investigations going into all these criminals. Lets watch them lie when testifying and then go after them and have them jailed. Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, McCabe top my list and lets not forget about the most secretive and corrupt president of all time. OBAMA. He tried to ruin our great country. Thank god Trump won . All the Obama corruption would have never been discovered had the witch HRC won but she did not and now its time for revenge.

  15. Patricia P. Hundley says

    Mueller knew from the get go , what was going on & went along with it foe 2 years . He KNEW the dossier was unverified & not true.
    He too needs to be investigated , he is a dirty cop too .

    1. Carey F Daly says

      Sadly, he claims to be a decorated Marine. He has forgotten what “Semper Fi” is, and will always be.

  16. Gary says

    The msm is just as responsible as all the crooked politicians and should be tried for treason too and let’s not forget the rinos. If these people are not brought to justice crimes like these will keep on happening. It’s time to clean our government up . It wouldn’t be bad to see the gillotine and hanging brought back for these special events.

  17. Estell says

    The democrats need to start paying for their crimes.

    1. Bill says

      RINOs need to join their democrat partners in the courtroom.

  18. don says

    We are dealing with truly deranged and evil people here, It has affected everything since the very beginning of the misinformation started, the midterm elections most likely would not have happened the way they did, can you imagine life without Pelosi?

  19. Rob says

    Obama, Holder, Ayers, Dorn, Soros and Sons, Kerry, Jarrett, Rice, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, The Ohrs, Kilgore’s, Bloomberg, HRC, Bill Clinton, Michelle, Rosenstein, and every last one of the Democrat Socialists of America, all Treasonous!

  20. Rob says

    America was attacked the day the DNC knowingly supported an ineligible candidate for POTUS!

  21. Rob says

    The Crimes Allowed to go unpunished by the Obama DOJ, and Corrupt FBI, regarding HRC, the murder of Justice Scalia, The Benghazi Attack, Fast&Furious, Uranium1, Financially backing Islamic Terror Groups with taxpayer funds, and knowingly supporting an ineligible candidate for POTUS! Politicians and Law Enforcement officials all swear an Oath to abide by, and defend the Constitution, Oath Breakers must be punished!

    1. JIMO says


  22. Michelle says

    We can only hope and pray that these corrupt individuals including the MSM and congress members will all be indicted and punished for this horrible ordeal of injustice! The liberals have had enough passes the past 10 years….its enough! Somebody start a new conservative news network, as I’m afraid Fox News Channel is slowly, but surely being directed left by their Democrat owners, the Murdochs.

  23. Bill says

    Like a garden over run by weeds,our political ranks would benefit from “selective culling”!

  24. Tony Bell says

    Remember folks, Obama was in charge when all of this took place. He must be the first one held accountable. Then every member of his administration must be scrutinized as to their involvement. Like president Trump has said, this must never happen to a future president, and steps will be take to insure that it won’t. President Trump, the first in history, is keeping his promises to the American citizens. To that I say he deserves respect and adoration.

  25. Howard Briggs says

    Every one of those crooked , lying Demorats in Congress that have been telling how much they HATE the USA need to be kicked out of office , NOW !! Get started ASAP ——–

    1. I Stand With President Trump says

      They need to be sent to a Third World country . Since that is what they want to make us. As they go , Pull their passports so they can’t ever come back.

      IF we can’t do that…Gitmo is empty , all the crooks can spend the rest of their lives there !!!!!


      GET THE WALL UP NOW !!!!

  26. klaus schmidt says

    Lets start at the top that nobody wants to mention……OBAMA.

  27. Marlene deRonde says

    The demoncrat party needs to be abolished. Too many liars, pedophiles, and corrupt people. And, most politicians are in it for life. We need term limits. Two terms just like the presidency.

  28. boone1 says

    The democrat party and there voters love lies and love too tell them so morons will vote for them. I hate too say this but no one is going too jail for anything not for spying and not for treason no one and their will be no justice for the DSA nor the democrat party.

  29. Robert says

    Obama and the clintons need to go to prisons ASAP. They knew all along their was no collusion and this was all a witch hunt on their part. They and this country needs to realize you can’t accuse someone of a crime and when cleared just apologize . No prison is where they need to go for a long time, where they can’t hurt anyone else.

  30. bob says

    all democrats promoting the trump consiracy and collusion should be tried anif found intentionally guilty ,they should be sent to the poky (jail) this nonsensehas to stop.

  31. Jo-Dell Beckham says

    I hope all get what they deserve. They have hurt our country and they need to pay

  32. John Mark says

    It is time for the good people in America to take action against the evil people who lied to us. Justice must be done and none of the conspirators should get off without being punished, including the leader of these traitors Barack Obama.

    1. I Stand With President Trump says

      IF you haven’t already …Send e-mails and Faxes to those that can help put the Crooks in GITMO and Pull All Passports.
      Make sure to send e-mails and Faxes to the RINOS that Voted against the Border Wall and let them know, They are on their way OUT!! I have !! 🙂


      BORDER WALL, NOW !!!!!

  33. Debra T says

    I agree with all of my fellow conservatives. All of the left-wing politicians AND the main stream media, who hv been accusing and lying and costing the American people millions of $$$$ for this investigation should be treated like our justice system would treat any of us if we committed treason, personally attacking our President with NOTHING BUT LIES, when, in fact, the only collusion, buckets of $$$$ to support terrorism, breaking every conceivable law they could, etc., was, actually, all done, but, by them and not Mr. Trump! Starting with Obama. He held the highest office in the land for not one term, but two. And, all along, his agenda was to HURT America. Well, he accomplished his agenda with his Gang of XXX???, so, HE should be at the front of the miserable line of THE GUILTY! WE need to stand together and fight for our America. We’ve come far too close to losing it to these CRAZY, HATEFUL people.

  34. Plnardi says

    If there is any President that deserves justice, it is President Trump. If there is anyone who deserves time in prison it is everyone of those people who publicly humiliated and falsely accused openly and willfully this Russian accusation, that needlessly cost taxpayers a whole lot of money. There is not one Democrat’s in the Democrat party that can ever be trusted again. They have proven to be liars and are capable of anything to keep their lairs of deception open for those who are easily convinced by their deceitful rhetoric.
    You have ask yourself this question…why the mass hatred from Washington to Hollywood, for a man who has a love for his country that he would persevere such scrutiny’s as he has? What is it that they fear of this man? I would say there is a massive amount of unruly, perverted, and thievery that has has been going on for decades on both sides, and they know that this President is for the people and will not allow them to keep up their less than desirable cunning ways. Be afraid, demons. Be very afraid!

  35. PaulD says

    Lets Hope/Pray that the GOP grows a pair and files charges against the LSM , lunatic libTurds and demonCraps for their Lies, Deceit and Hate. A clear message must be sent that We The People will not tolerate this,,, if it was the other way around and the GOP, Media and many loud mouth people were demanding impeachment of OBozo for collusion/obstruction and it was proved false the indictment would already be served !!

  36. Doug Rodrigues says

    Considering all of the lying, the vilification, the manufacturing of false rumors, the harassment of Trump, the harassment of his family, it would be accurate to brand the Democrat Socialist Party as the Party of dishonesty, subversion, and EVIL.

  37. Bob says

    Lock them all up!! Trump 2020!!!

  38. Jerry Hughes says

    These life forms have to be arrested and tried.
    It may be the only way to prevent civil war.

  39. M B says

    The lessons of history have never been learn nor absorbed in the pea-minded elected: The reason for the French Revolution, the war here in America; the Redcoats/ British, etc. was NEVER learned as LESSONS in the history of Humanity
    The Elites never learned any history; no matter how many times civilization rose and fell- the memories of the elitist have never been absorbed because money, greed, power and all that in the egg basket
    What will they do if all their money has no power any more–how will they pay for their protection knowingly that the have-nots are arising?

  40. SD of AZ says

    These fake news media propaganda machines and their “reporters” do need to be held accountable but now the right to say, write and stand in front of a camera nationally and shove these lies like truth in front of a nation some of which do not understand they are lies has to end. That freedom of the media has been abused just as the FISA warrant process has been abused. When a news outlet pushes provable lies and propaganda as news it should be held libel and accountable in terms of punishment and payment to those abused. Presenting an opinion should be the vehicle and clearly labeled as their personal or business views. But pure lies to steer the country are not news and not an opinion. The folks behind rigging elections, suppressing other views. etc. are criminals and suppressing our rights spelled out in the constitution. It is past time to SERVE THOSE FOLKS A HELPING OF JUSTICE. Like the Fisa conspiracy this was treason and should be punished to the max. And it will not be that hard to identify the culprits and those who were behind them. Justice needs to be served post haste.

  41. Ron P says

    I believe that all the DEPLORABLE DUMMY RAT DEMOCRATS need to be standing SIDE BY SIDE and Shackled together and lead to the nearest FEDERAL PRISON and handed a RUBBER BALL PEPIN HAMMER and neld them down next to a pile of rocks and tell them to go at it and hammer the REST OF THEIR LIFE’S ..

  42. Glen Healey says

    Obama and his administration were the most corrupt in history made Nixon look like a boy Scout. The Clinton’s worse than the mob more bodies credited to them. FBI CIA DOJ ALL INVOLVED IN THE COUP . HANG EM HIGH.

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  44. Brenda from The Great State of Texas says

    Yes punishment needs to be swift and sever. In addition Obama,Bush, both Clintons and every one in their entire cabals actions warrant swift sever punishment. My God they got on NATIONAL TV and straight faced flat out lied to all Americans just as these have done. The degree of lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, treason, cover ups, obstruction, destroying documentation and evidence is unmeasurable. This warrants sever sentences. Some the death penalty and so be it. Obama can not only be the first president but can make history again by being the first black president put to death for knowingly and willingly committing or taking part in the aforementioned when tried if convicted. Same for the others. Americans deserve to see all involved brought to justice. And this must be done swiftly.
    There should be lessons learned and laws to severely punish those that try to pull such actions again.
    This all additionally has
    wasted millions of our dollars that could have served Americans better. All this needs to stop now.
    The attack on America from within warrants sever sentences. Let’s get ‘er won and done. Make sure it never happens again. But if it does America will be ready.
    MAGA 2020 and beyond!
    Close the border build the wall!

  45. Andre C Stephenson says

    Hold it, all you right-wing nut job gobs of slime. Let’s wait for the Mueller report to be released. It hasn’t been released yet, you bags of phlem. And the report did not exonerate Trump.

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